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  1. Jul 22,  · BJNilsen (b, Sweden) is a sound and recording artist, has since the early 90's been putting out work in various constellations. Primarily focused on the sound of nature and its effect on humans, field recordings and the perception of time and space as experienced through sound, often electronically treated.
  2. Massif Trophies is more of a piece of art than a record, really. Amsterdam based musician BJNilen primarily focuses his work on nature and how it impacts the human mind. Listening through this record you get a real sense of being where he is, and you feel as if you're side by side him going on the same adventure he is on.
  3. MASSIF TROPHIES LP - EDITIONS MEGO - 25/08/ - FIELD RECORDINGS-In stock. € 24,00 Quantity. general information. BJNilsen is a composer and sound artist based in Amsterdam. His work primarily focuses on the sounds of nature and how they affect humans. this became one of the main inspirations for the album, reflecting upon the.
  4. Lossless Albums» Electronic / Club» BJNilsen - Massif Trophies () FLAC Genres: Electronic / Club / FLAC 16 bit , Rock_man All music BJNilsen Field Recording.
  5. Bjnilsen ReleaseProduct Fade to White Label Touch Catalogue Number TO65 Release Date January 17,
  6. Aug 24,  · Celebrating 27 years as a recording artist Massif Trophies is the first solo release for Editions Mego. In he set off on a month long hiking trip in Gran Paradiso to explore the acoustic.
  7. Nov 05,  · Bjnilsen ReleaseProduct Draught No. 1 Label Touch Catalogue Number ASH91 Release Date November 5,
  8. Aug 24,  · Album: Massif Trophies [ALBUM] Track: 1 of 5 Title: Alpe Djouan Artist: BJNilsen Label: Editions Mego Cat#: EMEGO Formats: Vinyl LP/Digital Amsterdam NL Photography BJNilsen BJNilsen is a.

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